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If you’re interested I’m looking for 1 on 1 students…

Wanted 25 Students For
My 1 on 1 Coaching Program

Currently 19 of the 25 spots are filled.

If 1 on 1 coaching is something you feel you could benefit from, please read how my coaching works and decide if you’re a good candidate for it.

My Coaching Style?

The coaching itself will be done via a daily email. Here’s how it works… everyday you send me an email with your questions/stats/screenshots for the day. (Some students even provide me access to their accounts.) Then I’ll take time to answer them all for you.

I used to coach via Skype, but that turned into too much joking around, and people asking me very basic questions instead of Googling them. Focus was lost very easily.

Email has been very professional, and by doing it every 24 hours it allows everyone to gather their sticking points from the day. Then we sort them out. Clearly you don’t have to email everyday. Most of the best students I see end up emailing every other day, because they’re busy implementing my private strategies.

Look at it as adding me to the board of advisors for your company. :)

Brand New or Completely Stuck?

Are you brand new or completely stuck? Don’t worry most people are, I’ll explain…

First, the reason I have students phrase their issues in a question is because it makes everyone think more proactively, instead of just being like “Greedy show me what I need to do next?”

I want my students to build a skill-set that they can use on their own, and not just get good at following my instructions. One approach builds a sustainable business, one doesn’t.

So if you’re brand new or complete stuck you could ask me questions like this…

“I have a budget of $150 where can I start?”
“Here are my stats after 1 month, should I keep doing PPV?”

Hopefully you see how powerful having 1 on 1 access to me could be. :)


The cost for my 1 on 1 Coaching Program is $199 per month. If that’s out of your budget, honestly don’t worry, you’re probably not ready for these strategies yet. So far I haven’t promoted this at all on my blog’s homepage. I’ve just emailed some people today, and the program is filling up nicely.

If you have any questions email me at:

Thanks again for all the support. It motivates me to keep going!

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