7Search Guide Collection

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Today, I'm going to share my 7Search guide collection.

I have five great guides in PDF format, that I've collected over the years.

A lot of these guides are no longer online. Hopefully they'll provide an extra boost to your campaigns.

CLICK HERE: To download My 7Search Guide Collection

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  1. Anomalous says:

    If I may, I have a newsletter specifically geared for 7Search and CPA at http://www.nullrefer.com/?http://chadhowarth.com that may interest readers of this post.

    It likely does not cover anything that is not in this collection of guides, but I do out some of my own profitable campaigns. (Think Football; NFL fans are nuttier than squirrel terds, and this means $$$)

    The most important thing, as with PPV or any other paid traffic source, is to TRACK! If you think you can just go test the waters without implementing tracking you are doomed to disappointment. Collect data, or die.

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