Rollover Audio Script


This is a useful script to add to your bag of toys.

I’ve used it a handful of times, and can be used many different ways.

Grab it for your collection!

Chrome for Affiliates & CPA Marketers


Google Chrome has a huge selection of amazing extensions to turn your browser into a full fledge Internet Marketing machine.

About 1 year ago I shared my current Chrome setup. A lot has changed since them and I thought I would share my new config! :)

HTML, PHP, & Java Redirect Scripts


I just realized we don’t have a simple redirect script on Greed Reports yet.

Well, here we go!

In this post I share my go-to HTML, PHP, & Java redirect scripts.

How to put Auto-Playing Audio for LPs


Wondering how to put audio on a Landing Page?
(Great for PPV.)

I just got a request for that today!

So in this brief guide I will put your struggles to rest, once and for all. Get the script inside…

Time-Parting with a PHP Script


Need a script to time-part your landing pages or just help better manage some traffic?

We’ve got your covered! :)

Grab this script inside…

How to Use Multiple LPs on the Same Domain


This is a very basic question I get asked almost daily.

It is a good question to ask, and the answer is… Yes, you can.

In this post I will go into detail on how it can be done. :)

Country Geo-Redirect & State Geo-Redirect


Having a good geo-redirect script is key to maximize all your traffic.  I always use this script to capitalize on whatever foreign junk traffic my ad networks “accidently” sends me. (Just updated this script!)

With this script you can redirect clicks from different countries to specific offers/pages of your choice.

Javascript End of Day Countdown

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 4.17.20 PM

I just had a request for this script and was able to put it together.

This script shows the hours, minutes, and seconds until the end of the day.

It is designed for specials that run for today only!

Viewing Offers Outside of the USA


Having trouble viewing an offer outside of the USA? Or an offer in another country?

Lots of times if your computer’s IP isn’t from same country as the offer, they will redirect you to another offer. Treating you like a customer from a wrong country visiting the offer. (They don’t want to miss out on conversions.)

In this guide I will share my 3 favorite solutions to this. :)

Movement Triggered Exit Pop #2


This is another amazing exit pop-up that is triggered by the moment of the mouse.

You can even place an email squeeze in it. I place these on almost all of my LPs and they help me boost returns usually by an extra 20%!! Do NOT miss out. 😉