16 Facebook Ads Case Studies


Today, I am sharing my massive collection of case studies for Facebook Ads, I’ve bookmarked over the years.

A must read collection for any Facebook Ads marketer.

Check them all out after the jump…

VPS Server Split Test

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 9.08.14 PM

I just moved some websites to a new VPS server, and in the process I did a little VPS split test.

I compared HostGator’s VPS with a standard drive, to LiquidWeb’s VPS with a solid state drive.

The results were very shocking.

Split Testing Ideas for LPs & SPs


Want some more guidelines on split testing your Landing & Squeeze Pages?

Well, check this guide out.

It lays down a bunch of great ideas to pay attention to.

PPV Case Study Collection


Looking for some killer PPV Case Studies?

This is my collection of case studies for PPV, I’ve bookmarked over the years.

Yup, I have a great Pay Per View case study collection to share with everyone today…

24 Youtube CPA Case Studies!


I wanted to share my bookmark collection of Youtube case studies.

These are 24 great campaign guides for the FREE TRAFFIC giant known as Youtube!

Check them all out…

34 Case Studies for Plenty of Fish


Today, I share my huge link collection of POF Ads case studies I’ve collected over the years.

I have collected these over the years from some of the best blogs online, and thought it would be nice to share. Any POF advertiser should know how valuable test data is. :)

Bing Ads Case Studies


Getting back to Microsoft AdCenter, I wanted to share some interesting case studies I’ve saved.

More AdCenter goodies coming soon.

Check them all out after the jump!

$550 / Month with Residual Offers


I make $550 a month off passive residual affiliate commissions.

Offers owners pay me my % share of what they bill my leads every month.

In this guide I’ll show you how to get your share!

Text Color Split Test


Today I’ve got a split test of color text ads.

These come into play when advertising Facebook Fanpages, and pretty much any kind of banner ad.

I tested about 20 different color schemes, from Easter Egg pastels to shades of black and grey.  These are my best 3, see which one soared to the top.

“?” vs. “…” Split Test


It is a well know fact using a questions in an ad’s title can engage the user, and help CTRs.

But what happens if instead of ending with a question mark, things ended with “…”

We decide to test!