Free $1,423 Dating Landing Page Template


Always wanted a nice free Dating Landing Page Template?

Well, here is a HIGH CTR one! I use it as my go-to dating LP stater template. Very battled tested.

Hit “Read More” and download it…
Apply your offer's own header and colors.

I made over $1,423 with this page…

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  1. Voraphong Phengtong says:

    Great Template Thanks

  2. alex m says:

    All these landing pages have been CRUSHING IT FOR ME $$$.

    Sweet downloads.

  3. Raj A says:

    it works perfect, but not exact city. Near by city name showing. thanks

  4. Lukas Jaronis says:

    Do these kinds of landing pages work with all kinds of dating offers or specific ones?

  5. Keith Lai says:

    Hi, let’s say I want to promote this offer on POF –

    It already has a landing page. Why would I need to create my own landing page? Is there any benefit to making my own vs. using the one already given to me?

    • Greedy says:

      Because with your own landing page you can pitch the product better, and excite the user into signing up.

      Just create a user account on POF and see whatever one else is doing in the ads.

      Everyone use landing pages, and you pay attention you will be able see why.

  6. David Leviev says:

    how can i use that ? do i need to buy a domain ?

  7. John says:

    Safari can not download

    • Greedy says:

      Hmm, it is working ok for me can try FireFox maybe?

      It might the version of Safari or something like that. Thanks for alerting me.

  8. luz says:

    Able to download file but can not open LP (JS file) in Windows

  9. grediars says:

    I’m a newbie :)
    Already signed up an accout there hw to start the dating business ?

  10. Michael Szabados says:

    There is a problem with the images specifically the ONLINE images. Tried to import one image into PS but it was the jpeg in invalid.

    I wanted to import the image into PS then paste into place my own image.

    • Greedy says:

      Not exactly sure what you mean? You couldn’t download the images from the LP on their own? They should be in the folder of the zip.

  11. joe says:

    howdy, where do i upload this to (in wordpress)? also would you recommend using wordpress or a blog?

  12. J. Johnson says:

    Ok, I have tried it, and it says that there is a false string inside the html file. Can you please recommend a video showing how to upload just the html file. I have tried looking for it on youtube, but most of those videos are 3yrs old.

    • Greedy says:

      The 3 year old ones will work fine, uploading via FTP hasn’t changed in over 10 years. Don’t be afraid to test because you can’t mess anything up. :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this, but when i upload it and go to my website it’s all messy looking and image’s aren’t showing

  14. Anonymous says:

    also is there any website that lets me edit the heading and text for a slightly different niche, or can i edit the files myself?

  15. paul says:

    this is excellent, but is there any video tutorial on how to do this and edit it to my needs? (pics ect)

    • Greedy says:

      Just take the image you want to swap, and replace it with an image you want… just make the file name exactly the same. :)

      That is an easy way to do it with HTML.

  16. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for the free template I am going to give it a try. I would join your class but am unable to pay the low $9 you are asking. Just a bad time right now. Only reason I still have my domain is because I paied for 1 year back in Jan. Now I am hoping that this template will help me get started on something. Thanks again. Feel free to E-Mail anytime with info.

  17. RA says:

    Thanks, but how would I upload this to show on

    This may be basic, but I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out!

  18. owuogba says:

    Thanks a lot for this kind gesture-you are great

  19. Vance says:

    Thank you for the template. Is it still useful in 2015??

  20. bukky says:

    Thanks for the template.I’m putting it to work asap.

  21. Iype says:

    When I try to down load a landing page from “A 100+ Sexy Landing Pages (PPV, POF, PPC, and more!)” I am taken back to your squeeze page. Why?

  22. Widya says:

    Hi, Greedy
    I’m your subcriber. I try to register at Bounty and Peerly, first they rejected me. Last week Bounty accept me as promoter..
    I think if I become as your member, I’ll take non dating offer, but as I see almost your offer is dating. Is there training/tutorial for non dating? such as email submit or health or…others
    Thank you

  23. Ramon Elias Rodriguez Alba says:

    @Greedy do you recommend having the landing pages in the tracking server or is it better to buy another domain just for hosting those files?

    Thank you!

  24. Chidubem says:

    Do I need a landing page if I’m promoting offer such as email summit?

  25. salvi says:

    Which Advertising it works other than POF?

  26. soti says:

    Hi, is it responsive?

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