How to Get Approved on CPA Networks!


I decided to put together a step-by-step guide about getting approved on CPA Networks for beginners.

I'll share the 9 most common questions CPA Networks ask newbies.

And what to do if you get DENIED! :)

Getting Approved on CPA Networks in 6 Steps

1. Apply to the right networks, don't waste your time with the knock offs and unknown networks. I suggest all newbies apply to Peerfly and MaxBounty.
These networks are great for beginners. You should apply to all of them, this way you have a wide offer selection.

(Don't make the mistake I did of joining only 1 network when starting out. It really limits you.)

2. The main concept when applying to these networks is to be honest about things. There is no need to try to beef up your application for the CPA Networks or anything down those lines.

Also, NEVER pay for CPA Network accounts from anyone, this is a major scam. Report the seller to the CPA network immediately.

3. CPA Networks will generally ask you a string of questions on the application or sometime via an over the phone interview. Here is what to expect…

What is your website?

If you have a website you plan on running your ads on share it. If you have a company website or even a simple personal blog, go ahead and share it. If you don't have any websites or landing pages, and plan on direct linking just share the URL the place on running traffic from for example.

If you only share your traffic source URL be sure to explain in the notes and when you follow up, that plan to use that website as your traffic source.

Also, you could use a Facebook or LinkedIn page if your profile is public.

What is your vertical?

Vertical means niche. They want to know what do you advertise? Dating offers, Weight Loss, ect?

If you are brand new tell them you're just starting out, and plan to test X vertical.

How do you intend on promoting our offers?

Share how you plan on advertising or getting traffic to their offers.

Will you be running “incent” or incentivized traffic?

No, you don't want to ever run incentivized traffic on a network, unless the network is specifically designed for it or the offer clearly states you are allowed.

Incentivize traffic is when you to give the user a bonus for completing an offer. This could be points, locked content, prizes, or cash.

How much traffic do you anticipate generating?

Give them an estimate, or as I like to tell them “Depends on your offer selection.”

It is just really hard to tell, how much I'll use a network without seeing inside.

How much do you spend daily/weekly/monthly on advertising?

Tell them how much you currently spend. If you're just starting out, tell them you are new and give them the estimated amount you predict.

What is your traffic source?

Share with them your traffic source(s).

How much experience do you have?

Just be honest about this.

Are you a member of any other Affiliate or CPA Networks? If so which ones?

If you are, feel free to share, also it is common for applications to ask for your Affiliate Manager's contact info at the network(s) you are currently on. Go ahead and share this as well.

If you're brand new and aren't on any other networks, just let them know.

How did you hear about our network?

This one shouldn't be too hard.

4. After applying, reach out to them. Give the networks a call, and ask them if there is anything you can do to help make sure your application gets approved. I like to also find out who does approvals and shot him or her a message. This lets them know you are serious and committed. Here is the contact info the previously recommend networks…

Peerfly – Read this page here.

5. What to do if you get denied? As I explained in my “How I Made $50/Day as a Newbie!” …

If your application gets denied at first, don’t worry this is pretty common just contact them. Explain your situation.

Affiliate and CPA networks don’t want to keep newbies off, they just want to keep scammers off. So you have nothing to be worried about. (I even get denied sometimes. :) )

Just reach out to them, ask them why, explain your situation, and see what you can do to change things.

MaxBounty's contact info is listed above, for Peerfly, follow this guide here.

6. Lastly be persistent. Like I said, I've been denied from a handful of CPA networks in my career, so don't sweat it! Keep at it. :)

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  1. Abraham Leay says:

    I got rejected once on Neverblue. Now my question is, what if you don’t have a website at all? Would you still have chance of getting approved on there?

  2. Amine Bourouina says:

    i got denied, from Adscend media, peerfly, adwork media.
    i feel sad :(.
    i dont have website, could i get accepted?

  3. reset999 says:

    keep trying to get in contact with them
    Did you call them or follow up?

  4. Sky Gates says:

    Hi Greedy,

    I was approved by Peerfly!!! So excited to start my journey on CPA! Now waiting to be approved by Neverblue and MaxBounty.

  5. bestlink says:

    What’s if a person still don’t have the Website.or never experience any facebook fanpage advertising, Does CPA Network accept application when we tell them what traffic source to drive traffic like pay traffic we gonna to invest and how much money we going spend in promote their offers.

  6. John says:

    Do these CPA networks accept websites like mine were I can place adds without it costing me anything

    • Greedy says:

      Typically yes, what is your website? If you don’t mind sharing, or you can always ask your AM.

  7. young-ji kim says:

    One question. Do I register for publisher or advertiser?

  8. Rodney Savini says:

    I have a website but I am not sure what CPA
    offer I will promote. If it is unrelated to my Website
    or FB Fan Page – I may want to create a squeeze
    page or Sales Page for that offer. So when applying
    for a CPA network give them my website anyway ?

    • Greedy says:

      Just don’t put your website in when you apply, that is ok. If your website or fb fanpage is unrelated to your offer you will have a harder tim trying to promote it.

  9. Mitch Sheean says:

    I got approved for Peerfly and Maxbounty so far. I did call and talked to the account manager for Maxbounty and was just honest about my limited experience.

  10. sammy mann says:

    i am a newbie , please help me i got so many questions.

  11. Emon says:

    Maxbountry admin ask me “what networks are you promoting right now?”
    I say I will try to promote your offer from facebook , twitter, craigslist…….
    But he say I don’t understand his words clearly… that means he say my answer is wrong.

    So, help me by giving the correct answer from here.

  12. mohamed says:

    kan you my helpen

  13. J. Johnson says:

    How long does it usually take to get response from never blue and max bounty? I applied to both yesterday still no word.

  14. J. Johnson says:

    By following up, you mean to send email or redo the application?

  15. J. Johnson says:

    Ok going to try, didn’t hear anything from both Maxbounty and neverblue

  16. J. Johnson says:

    Just to share, still having hard time with never blue, I’m having the hardest time to get them on the phone.

  17. sammy mann says:

    Peerfly dont approve anymore , they ask for referance from any other network on which u earned 500$ already :/ they dont accept newbies

    • Greedy says:

      What country do you live in? That maybe it?

      Anyways I wouldn’t get too discouraged, there are tons of CPA Networks out there. Peerfly isn’t a holy grain or anything. :)

    • widya says:

      Hi Greedy. I was rejected at max bounty, neverblue and peerfly. But approved at cpalead and cpagrip. If I become member as greedreports, can you help me to promote offer from these 2 CPAs network?

  18. Alptekin Koc says:

    Hi there, just concerning peerfly: They rejected me at first, then i wrote them back and honestly describing how frustrated I feel by their and others denial, since all ask for creditabilities and proves (one network wanted me to prove lots of stuff including at least 10 fb likes etc.). Then: I got a letters back asking a bit further and after like 2 email exchanges I was approved and let in (unfortunalely up to now I haven’t made much use of it…). Im in Germany by the way.

  19. christian says:

    Hi Greedy,
    I’m a merchant, can you tell me what to write to them for be accepted?
    They always ask some thousand of money first?
    Thank you

    • Greedy says:

      You shouldn’t have to pay a CPA network to join them, I would just write and ask why you got denied and what you can do.

  20. Julian Rendon Muñoz says:

    Hi Greedy

    I registered in PeerFly and this was the response:

    Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, in the interest of our advertisers, we will not be able to work with you without a traffic reference from another CPA network. Are you a publisher with any other CPA affiliate network that is similar to PeerFly that will vouch for the quality of your traffic? All you have to do is reply to this email with their website link and your affiliate managers email and we’ll do the rest. In order for the network to count as a reference you must have earned at least $500 with them. Keep in mind that Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon are not CPA networks and we cannot accept references from them. In addition we cannot accept account screenshots as a reference.

    If you’re not with any other networks we suggest joining the networks below. You can then send us a reference with them.
    Adscend Media
    Amped Media

    • Greedy says:

      I would take their advice, and apply one of the networks they have listed and start there. Then once you get some conversions and have a good relationship with your AM ask for a reference.

  21. Evan Goh says:

    I just got rejected by max bounty and they wanted me to join cpa forum it’s $27 a month. So what do I do?

  22. Erica says:

    Hi Greedy i just found this site today, and am a starting out cpa affiliate with CPAWay, i was denied with maxbounty, my peerfly application is still pending review its been almost a week, but i do not have a website, and as i see in your information above to use the url of the place i am driving traffic from. would i need to join another cpa network as an advertiser, for that to be my traffic source?

  23. Sasikumar R says:


    I see you talking about free traffic quiet often in your posts as well as in your “Free Traffic Method #4 – Youtube Niches” where you mention making Youtube videos in large popular niches like music, movies and games. But nowhere do you mention how to rank these videos. How can I get traffic if my videos are not ranking in Google or Youtube and do I do it?

    • Greedy says:

      You’ll need to get your videos more views, how many views on average do they have?

      What is your niche?

      • Anonymous says:

        EDM. To be honest I am going to be putting them up this week only. Basically going to speed up some and edit a bit and re uploads with new title, descriptions, etc.

  24. Dave says:

    Did I understand right that direct linking is not recommended. In other words placing a company’s creative on someone else’s website as an ad and when the person clicks on that creative it takes them directly to the company’s website or landing page? Are you saying you don’t recommend this?

    • Greedy says:

      Yes, that is correct. Make you own pre-sale landing pages before the offer. Also design your own creatives

  25. Vanny says:

    Hello Greedy,
    I try to apply two times but always reject.
    I don’t know what wrong with my application.
    Can you help me?

  26. Natalie DePinto says:

    Hi, if i can’t speak english so i can’t call them what can i do ?

  27. Boris Spiegl says:

    Just wanted to quickly thank you for your advice and ask a quick one.

    Based on your advice I had put up a website with my own domain providing detailed and structured content about myself, personal and professional profile and traffic generation strategies (starting off with 7search as per your recommendation) and as a result I was accepted by both Peerfly and Maxbounty, with just very little follow-up. Thank you!

    Quick question: Clickbooth rejected and I think Neverblue (keeping complete silence) did the same. I exerted all traditional communication channels, but not surprisingly neither my mailbox-messages nor my emails are getting any attention. Given there’s no way to get someone on the phone via the ‘traditional’ phone numbers, I was wondering if it would be not too creepy/stalkerish to contact AM’s directly via the phone numbers available on affpaying? What do you think? Maybe it’s just me feeling like the ultimate creep about it.

    • Greedy says:

      No that is fine, give it shot. I’ve done that before.

      • Boris Spiegl says:

        Thanks! It worked. Kind of. CB according to the AM I was speaking to is having threshold of pushing at least 1k per day. Did not feel like a creep, though. More like mouse. :-) Anyways, much appreciated.

      • Scolt says:

        Hello Greedy
        i want registry an account CPA network. but i have not experience to do it.
        can you help me registry.
        i will payment for you via paypal for $20.
        please contact to me on skype : scolt jason.
        thank so much.

  28. Alaa Khidr says:

    I also tried to get in peerfly and they asked for the $500 to be done in another network. So I got accepted in a network called g4offers what do you think of this network?

  29. Ashiqul says:

    I am new i CPA. I have no website. but most leading CPA network want website link and last CPA network income statement. How can i baypass these step.

  30. adil says:

    i had aproved from Perfly and they ask some questions

    What types of products/offers have worked best for you?
    Is there a specific product/offer that you’re looking for?
    What ways do you plan on sending traffic to our products/offers?
    What’s the best way to contact you? (Skype, Email, AIM, etc)
    i m just newbie what how i can answer

    • Greedy says:

      Just read the newbie guide that homepage is the first sticky post on the homepage. It will cover a lot of these questions.

  31. Just want to say thank you for the free material, even though I am not a member yet.

  32. bhavesh shah says:


    I am a member of peerfly and cpalead cpa network.

    I don’t know how to make landing page and how to promote free of charge ?

  33. Antor says:

    Hi Greedy, first of all thank you a lot. I just learning about CPA for last 4 months, and I face different kind of question as I am new on it. But when I read your thread, I get a huge confident. I hope it is really helpfull for the people who are new. I hope I’ll try for CPA Networks recently.

  34. Liliya says:

    Спасибо! Перевод в гугл не очень хороший, но смысл уловила. В Maxbounty не могу пройти регистрацию, так как не говорю по-английски..
    Thank you! Translations into Google is not very good, but the point caught. In Maxbounty I can not register because they do not speak in English …

  35. Sojib says:

    helpful info. thank you!

  36. Yulia says:

    Thanks, Greedy! This piece will be useful for me as a beginner in internet marketing!

  37. Patrice G says:

    I had my first phone interview and he asked me how am I going to direct traffic to my site I did not have the appropriate answer because he asked me again and again. I was wondering the best way to answer that particular question?! he wanted to make sure i was not a scam and I was official please help!

  38. Tuan Anh says:

    I’ve just followed your instruction to appy Peerly and Maxbounty.
    – Peerfly required at least earn $500/month with other CPA network to join and they told that I can contact them again after reach this earning.
    – Maxbounty requires all applicants to have an interview by phone.
    I justed call AM 2 times but no answered, I leaved him a voice mail and send him an email. After that, he called me back and have an interview about 2 mintues. I’m really a newbie but he still accepted me to join. Even my listening/speaking English is not good.

    @Greedy: thanks for your instruction. I think the best way to get accepted into CPA networks that call them directly.
    I’m going to join as your member. But there are some errors when I made paypal payment. Please let’s me know whether you still accept member for your site. Thanks

  39. Jim Johnson says:

    How do I cancel my account? I’ve tried the billing & cancellation but get admin approval needed.

  40. Chidubem says:

    Great teacher you are. Thanks for this free tutorial.
    Please, can you suggest a profitable niche for me and how to get free traffic.

    I just created a blog that is on various niche (it seems to me as a wrong idea though)
    please you can check out the website and give me your own advice. here is my url

  41. Kent Rainier Buenaventura says:

    Hi Greedy, do you have any experience promoting mobile pin submits? I have noticed most of these offers has something to do with app installs, ringtones, wallpapers etc.. What is your approach when promoting this kind of stuff? You promote base on the offer? or you create something new like content locking a movie and have them unlock it using the mobile offers? Can I use Fb ads on this one?

  42. Manjeet says:

    This is actually easier than I originally thought. Thanks for the tips.

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