How to Pick CPA Offers in 5 Steps!


When it comes to picking a good CPA offer, I have a 5 step process that I use.

I use it to avoid bad offers.

It is pretty simple and works great….

1. Pick a niche that you believe you can promote. Use something you can create good angles and ideas around. A niche you're somewhat knowledgeable in is a good starting point. If you're unsure at first don't worry, this skill will develop over time. If you're newbie, I recommend something with a payout in the $3-$10 range. This helps you keep testing cheap. The last key thing to keep in mind is your traffic source, some traffic sources don't allow certain types of offers, or don't do well with specific offers. (You'll have to look into your traffic source a bit more for more info on this.)

2. Look for the top offers with the highest network average EPCs in your niche. Make a list of the top 1-2 offers on each of your CPA networks. (Do not compare network average EPCs between different CPA networks. There are too many variables.)

3. Ask each of your affiliate managers what offers they thinks are doing the best in niche.

4. Look over each offer in detail yourself, look at things like the landing page copy, the design, the price for the consumer (if a straight sale offer), and the overall feeling in your gut. You can also check out to see how much traffic the offer's URL is getting, this can help you tell if the offer is been around for a bit or brand new. (Not a deal breaker for me just worth paying attention to.)

Consider how easily/fast you can make a good landing page for it. Be sure to read our top 2 landing page guides here:

How to Make Landing Pages! (Method #1)

How to Make Landing Pages! (Method #2)

5. Pick your top 2-3 offers to split test. (Make sure you test each offer for at least 100 clicks before jumping to conclusions.)

6. You may need step number 6, if your offer(s) requires approval. If your offer(s) requires approval, reach out to your affiliate manager or whoever handles approvals at the network. Don't be afraid to give them a call, and follow up until you get approved. Also if they ask you for your ads or landing pages don't worry too much, this is very common.

Good Luck & Never Give Up!

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  1. Jame P. says:

    Greedy I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

    I am so glad I joined your site. Greed Reports helped me a ton. It has helped with CPA so much.

    I saw my first conversion ever yesterday.

  2. Reaz Ahmed says:

    superb post I see it here.

  3. Sjoerd Hulshof says:

    Hi greedy,

    Just a quick question about point 1:

    “…a payout in the $3-$10 range. This helps you keep testing cheap.”

    What is the link between low payouts and cheap testing? You mean that with low payouts you more likely have conversions which compensates testing costs or do I miss something here? :)

    • Greedy says:

      You test for 1-2x the offer’s payout.

      So to test an ad/keyword for a $15 payout offer it would cost you $15+.

      If you have 5 keywords this can add up to $75+.

      Now if this was a $4 offers we are talking $20+ for 5 keywords.

      Hope that made sense?

  4. Sjoerd Hulshof says:

    OK so this is just a rule-of-thumb in IM business? Thx!

  5. rob maler says:

    Nice article and helpful steps.

  6. kyouhun says:

    Hi Greedy, if the 2-3 offers you split test both are profitable, would still consider running and optimizing the campaigns? Would there be an issue with the campaigns competing against each other, affecting profits in any way?

    What’s your take? Thanks!

  7. Joe says:

    You seem to be suggesting that PPC is the main traffic source. Surely for those starting out with limited budgets there are alternative ways to drive traffic to an offer that are free

  8. iman says:

    I’d like Greedy article, and I follow her everyday, I am not an internet marketer but her article teaches me a lot .

  9. Patricia says:

    Hi Greedy,

    Great post this is very helpful information i’m learning how this business works and your post is very helpful in my learning.

  10. Sky Gates says:

    Hi Greedy,

    Thanks for the post! So to choose an offer suitable for newbie,
    1. Payout range is $3-$10
    2. EPC as high as possible

    Am I correct?

    I would also like to know, how to you analyze on:
    1. Top offer (High Convertion Rate)? high CR means competitive as well? or good to promote for newbie?
    2. New offer vs Old offer?
    3. Category suitable for newbie? Or whatever meet the Payout range and highest EPC will be fine?
    4. Should we make sure the offer meets all the above criteria, or just a few will be enough?

    Sorry for asking a lot of question, but I am really serious into CPA industry.

    Would be appreciate if you could answer all my questions. Thank you.

  11. Teo SEO says:

    Thanks so much Greedy. You make it sound very easy. It seems with your knowledge and suggestions its time to start doing this… Done a course with Adam H in Dec 2011 and had not moved a finger on the subject. …Jmmm… I may start this month or at least give it a try

  12. Allison Chen says:

    what is different between a landing page and a squeeze page? when to use each?

    • Greedy says:

      A landing page pitch the product and links to the affiliate offer.

      A squeeze page try to capture the user’s email and name. Then you can later email the follow up email.

      There is never a right or a wrong time to use either, I typically like the start with a landing page, and if it converts then switch to a squeeze page.

  13. Allison Chen says:

    Thanks for your explanation.
    Do you put the landing page and squeeze page under the same domain as a sub-domain? I pick my niche and a product. I want to build a landing page this weekend. Do you have a sample landing page (don’t have to be yours, just a page you came across on the web that you think is good)? I just want to take a look at it to see what information and format I need on a landing page? thanks.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear Greedy,
    For point 2 “Look for the top offers with the highest network average EPCs in your niche. Make a list of the top 1-2 offers on each of your CPA networks”, can you elaborate a bit more ?
    1. How do I know and get the top offers?
    2. You mean for each niche, you advise to search for the top 1-2 offers in each CPA network?

  15. jeni55 says:

    Hi Greedy, you have lots of info here. Thanks! I am a newbie and trying out direct linking. I have tested some urls (after much research) that are related to the selected offers, but have seen nearly zero conversions. How else can I improve on the targeted urls? Orr would you recommend LP instead? Also you mentioned about demographics in the target audience, how do I choose the target in a paid traffic source eg. LI?

    • Greedy says:

      I would defiantly be using a landing page.

      With a PPV network like LeadImpact, the way you pick demographic comes down to the URL are targeting and URL you decide not to target.

  16. J. Johnson says:

    Can you recommend any video links that have the similar subject? I have some landing pages on the niche and still getting no hits after about a week. Is it the offer or my system?

  17. Laszlo says:

    Just the problem is that not every Affiliate Managers are helpful!!Some of Them are careless and lazy!! I had experience with a very bad CPA company AfiliaXe Network. DO NOT JOIN THEM!!! They want just the money but when You ask a little help They do not do anything!!!

    There are reputable and great CPA companies as Peerfly, Maxbounty,etc and sorry to say but this is the harsh truth there are scums in the crowd. Check the CPA company out first before joining and see if others do not already have bad experience with it! Because You will just waist Your time and precious efforts and persistence to become successful!!!


    Excellent steps. She loved the way the information sent to the trainee and connecting threads with each trainee to remind including learning.

  19. Widya says:

    Hi Greedy.
    I think i have to be member of greedyreport. There is a little doubt. Because i was rejected as publisher of bounty, peerlfly and neverblue. Do you have advice for me?

  20. sultan says:

    i will say u , many many thanks…………………

  21. James says:

    Thanks Greedy,
    I hear there are CPA networks that provide Landing Pages,that is if you are not willing to create your own LP
    What kind of landing pages are those?


  22. Daniel Essiet says:

    I hardly see Nigerians making money with CPA offers. I wish you provide an answer.

    • Greedy says:

      Could be a lot of reasons, Americans may not trust doing business with them to be honest. Nigeria has a abad rep of scams.

  23. Moha says:

    Thank you Greedy

  24. Kaio says:

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  25. ur says:

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