My $1,000 CPA Spying Trick


I'm deciding to let loose a killer CPA spying tip.

I've literally used this trick to make $1,000+.

All it takes is an interesting page that I really want to dive into deeper.

1. Find a nice looking CPA landing page or website you see an advertiser running.

2. Go to YouGetSignals Domain Check and enter the landing page's root domain. (without the http://www.)

3. Wait a bit, and you'll be returned all the other websites that are being hosted on that server. BOOM! This is the perfect way to see what other landing pages or websites an affiliate has. :)

4. Combine this affiliate spying trick with our other spying guides, and you'll be unstoppable:

How to Spy on 7Search Ads

How to Spy on LeadImpact

How to Spy on TrafficVance

How to Spy on Adwords

These are all great ways to gather intel on top tier affiliates.

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    This is very cool trick. Thank you Greedy

  2. Eric Martinson says:

    THAT is freakin’ COOL!

  3. Aghper says:

    Thanks for sharing nice tip

  4. Wilson Lau says:

    I have tried to use the site you given but it only shows the main domain instead of the sub domains as well? Usually the landing pages are placed on the sub domains.Or is it I am missing out something?

    • Greedy says:

      Alternate versions of landing pages are usually placed in folders or sub-domains.

      Other landing pages for different campaigns are usually given their own domains.

      That is what this spying trick is designed to expose.

      To my knowledge this only exposed full domains on the server, not sub-domains. But I could be wrong.

  5. Abbe says:

    But how you make $1,000+ by using this trick ? :)

    • Greedy says:

      I found a really good landing page using an new angle to pitch an offer in a way I never though of.

      Then I applied it to my own campaign.

  6. bukky says:

    This was very helpful.Thanks

  7. JohnTK says:

    Good Stuff. Thanks

  8. kah seng lim says:

    Is there a spy tool for facebook ads?

  9. rohit chugh says:

    is direct linking will work fine?

  10. Arsalaan says:

    greedy please sort me out , i am using clickthroo i made my landing page from there , but when i put my landing page url without http , it says invalid address ???

  11. Duck Dodgers says:

    WoW, I just found gold… thank you so much..!!

  12. Jimmy Simons says:

    What about BING? Is their any way?
    As well I’ve too much difficulties while picking keywords for BING. I’ve use keyword planner but still have many difficulties, like impressions are low & many even not have single search result! Which tool do you recommend for copy paste / export keywords to BING.

  13. mike says:

    I still dont get this. Im sorry newbie here and im confused how you make money with it. Explain it more a bit pls?

  14. Manoj says:

    how do you find a NICE landing page?

  15. James says:

    I should say, it’s a ground breaking method. Thumbs up!
    Well I have one of my own I’d like to share:
    Youtube Secret!!!
    Whenever you see a YouTube video embedded in a sales page, then right click and get video URL.
    Go to the URL and you will have all the stat’s of the Video.
    Most probably it’s going to be displayed as unlisted.
    But you can get info about the channels, other videos on it, also you can browse their google plus profile in the About section and see which people are there in his circles.

  16. Alex says:

    wow!, I found one of my competition in the same web sarver, good to know

    • good mom says:

      I don’t think you can find the competitors by finding the domains hosted in the same server.

      The same server can host millions unrelated domains like godaddy. And competitors’ domain can be hosted by different servers.

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