100+ PPC Ad Split Test Ideas


If you are someone who runs or manages PPC campaigns, you know you should always be split testing new ads.

CTR is everything! So I wanted to share 2 great infographics I found online that I reference almost weekly for new ideas…

$50 to $125 Credit with 7Search


7Search has a new promotion where they will match up to a $125 credit.

This method works for new 7Search accounts only.

See how you can take advantage of this inside.

Spying on 7Search Ads


Want to spy on your 7Search competition? We’ll here’s an amazing trick to do it.

The best part is, its 100% free and pretty much NO ONE out there does it. Well, I sure do.

Start spying on your competitors today. :)

How I Made $150/Day with 7Search!


Today, I made some updates to the mega 7Search guide.

Teaching you 7Search from top to bottom. Showing you step-by-step my exact thought process for building a winning campaign.

Get ready to have your mind blow. :)

List of Keyword Research Tools


Check out this list of 17 free keyword research tools.

You’ll never need them all, but personally I’m always on the look out for new ones.

And I’ve got some gems to share.

Top 7Search Searches for Nov. 2012


This is a useful piece of info for any 7Search advertiser out there.

Like I always say “Go to the volume”, when BIG volume converts it equals BIG money.

Check it out after the jump.

Building Negative Keyword Lists


The technique of blocking specific keywords, more commonly known as adding negative keywords, is very useful for PPC campaigns.

In this articles, I’m going to share some shockingly smart techniques & tools for blocking bad keywords.

7Search Guide Collection

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 7.26.35 PM

Today, I’m going to share my 7Search guide collection.

I have five great guides in PDF format, that I’ve collected over the years.

A lot of these guides are no longer online. Hopefully they’ll provide an extra boost to your campaigns.

The Best 7Search Tools


Many people write off 7Search as not a profitable PPC network.

More money for us I guess? Personally, I’ve had a lot of success with them over the years, and its definitely a very legitimate traffic source.

In this guide, I share 5 MUST USE tools for 7Search.

How to Track PPC Campaigns Pt. 2


In my last article I explained how to setup tracking for Adwords. (Or any major PPC network for that matter.)

In this article, I’ll give a good overview of how I put tracking to use.

These concepts can be applied to nearly any tracking software out there.