8 Quality 7Search Ads

Screenshot 2014-01-01 11.58.24

Take a look at these 8 quality 7Search advertisements.

You should be able to immediately tell why these are working great!

Download them all inside.

5 PPV Pop-Up Examples


For everyone living out of the country or having a hard time getting the PPV toolbars installed, I wanted to share some more PPV pop-up examples. (I know how big of a pain that can be :( )

Check these out!

5 Creative POF Ads


Today, I have 5 very creative Plenty of Fish Ads I found.

These all will influencing my next few batches of ads a bit.

Check them all out inside. :)

10 Facebook Ad Examples


I wasn’t planning on sharing some new Facebook ad examples for a little bit, but these were too good to pass up.

See what males located in the US are seeing right now on Facebook! Lots to be learned from these great ad headlines and images.

10 More Bing PPC Ad Examples


Looking for some great PPC ad examples?

Well, take a look at these CPA and Affiliate Ads I found on Bing Ads. They are all great displays of catchy ad copy.

See what they look like inside…

10 Facebook Ad Examples


In the spirit of sharing Facebook Ad knowledge, I wanted to share 10 Facebook Ads.

I scrapped these ads over the past week from a few accounts.

They show what affiliates are up to on Facebook.

10 POF Example Ads

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.54.10 AM

Wow, this my best collection of 10 POF ads yet!

These are some great examples of angles. This is for all my readers without a POF account.

Check them all out inside. :)

5 PPV Ad Examples

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 5.08.31 AM

I wanted to make an early morning post sharing some PPV ad examples.

For all the users out there struggling to get the toolbars installed and working.

Check them all out…

10 Bing PPC Ad Examples


This Sunday I wanted to share 10 Bing Ads PPC advertisements.

These ads make great examples of how to write your ad copy, and as a bonus they are all promoting affiliate or CPA offers.

100 Good Advertising Headlines


Tonight, I wanted to share a famous ad copy guide.

The guide shares 100 famous ad headlines, and why they converted.

If you haven’t read this PDF guide you are missing out. Give it a download ASAP.