No Cash? Over 1,500 FREE Daily Clicks!


Youtube is a hot bed for stable FREE traffic.

I’ve been able to generate 1,500+ uniques a day for over 3 years now. Peaked at $150 a day.

Plus, I just updated this guide with some new tips. Welcome to Free Method #4!

100+ PPC Ad Split Test Ideas


If you are someone who runs or manages PPC campaigns, you know you should always be split testing new ads.

CTR is everything! So I wanted to share 2 great infographics I found online that I reference almost weekly for new ideas…

Controlling Bids by Weather on Adwords


I know not many people use Adwords for CPA & Affiliate Marketing, but some people like myself do consulting work with it and/or run their own non-CPA businesses.

Anyways, this tip was just too cool not to share. Here is how you automatically change your bids based on the weather outside!

Glossary of Terms


As request, I put together a glossary of terms commonly found on this site, and other avenues of internet marketing.

I’ve listed these terms in a way that’s easy to read through.

Building Email Lists Pt. 5


Welcome to the part 5, the final installment in my “Building Email Lists” series.

In this guide, I will give you serval tactics to structure your follow up emails.

This is a MUST READ.

Free Traffic Method #1 – Forum Traffic


Today, I spent some time making some updates and tweaks this free traffic guide. Check them out…

I’m going to start breaking down free traffic methods. Starting with forum traffic.

Building Email Lists Pt. 4


In part 4 of Email List Building I’ll be covering the Thank You Page.

A highly under-estimated piece of a good squeeze. :)

I’ll show you some great strategies to help boost your returns.

$400/Day with Bing Ads PPC!


Its about time we released our Bing Ads MEGA GUIDE!

I’ve hit $400 a day, but with all the volume Bing Ads has the sky is the limit.

In this guide I lay out everything I do step-by-step…

Building Email Lists Pt. 3


Welcome back to part 3 in List Building.

In this guide I’m going to share some tips on maximizing up your squeeze page’s sales copy.

I’ll show how I personally do things.

Building Email Lists Pt. 2


Welcome to part 2 of my email list building guide.

In the first installment I covered, what, why, & when.

In this part, I’m covering the how. How to setup a good email squeeze.