100+ PPC Ad Split Test Ideas


If you are someone who runs or manages PPC campaigns, you know you should always be split testing new ads.

CTR is everything! So I wanted to share 2 great infographics I found online that I reference almost weekly for new ideas…

Controlling Bids by Weather on Adwords


I know not many people use Adwords for CPA & Affiliate Marketing, but some people like myself do consulting work with it and/or run their own non-CPA businesses.

Anyways, this tip was just too cool not to share. Here is how you automatically change your bids based on the weather outside!

Spying on Adwords Ads


In this post I’ll share 5 ways you can go about spying on your competitions’ PPC. Both keywords & ads.

This is a must for anyone trying to take their Adword campaigns to the next level.

Check out the list after the jump.

How to get $100 Adword’s Coupons


In this brief post I’ll go into how to get $100 Adwords coupons.

You see them pop-up online, but they are never there when you need them.

I’ll show you have to consistently get $100 adword’s coupons for new accounts.

How to Track PPC Campaigns Pt. 2


In my last article I explained how to setup tracking for Adwords. (Or any major PPC network for that matter.)

In this article, I’ll give a good overview of how I put tracking to use.

These concepts can be applied to nearly any tracking software out there.

How to Track PPC Campaigns Pt. 1


There are two different methods of tracking Google Adwords.

In this two part article, we’ll explain what they are, and how to use them to get the most out of your campaigns. All of these fundamental PPC tracking techniques can be applied to other PPC networks like AdCenter and 7Search.

Lets get started with setting up Prosper202 or Google’s Tracking.

Ultimate Ad Copy Guide Pt. 2


In part 1 we described how Adword advertisements are made up of three parts; ad title, ad body, and ad URL.  Also we discussed how huge of a role bold plays into an advertisement’s CTR.

In part 2 of this guide we will look into strategies for writing powerful ad titles and bodies.

All these strategies can be applied to 7Search, Bing Ads, POF, and other ad networks as well.

Ultimate Ad Copy Guide Pt. 1


Need an amazing guide for writing ads on Google Adwords?

Well this is it, I’ve include a ton of tips to help skyrocket your CTRs.

All these strategies can be applied to 7Search, Bing Ads, POF, and other ad networks as well.

Google Adwords Settings Explained

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 5.55.39 PM

This is an in-depth guide to taking proper advantage of Adword’s Campaign Settings.

We break down each setting in detail sharing how we use them to our advantage when running our campaigns.

There are a lot of great techniques shared here that apply to most any PPC network.