Sales Page Landing Page Template #2


I have an alternate color variation of the Sales Page template from before that I wanted to share with everyone.

Sales Pages are a classic proven method that should never be over looked.

Download it inside! :)

Product Review Landing Page Template #2


Here is another nice and simple review template.

Fill in your top 3 offers and give it a chance!

It is well worth a test for Weight Loss, Biz Opps, and other CPS Niches.

Product Review Landing Page Template #1


This template is used for a 3 product review/rating style landing page.

It is great for Penny Auctions, Diet Supplements, and even Biz-Opp. Nearly anything selling a product can work. Get creative and do some tweaking to this clean LP. :)

Female Dating Landing Page Template


This is my stock female dating LP template.

The style works great and is very similar to my male dating LP template for the most part other than colors.

You download the zip for yourself inside!

Male Dating Landing Page Template


This is my stock male dating LP template.

I a lot of great dating landing pages have been built off of this very template.

Download it inside!

Car Insurance Landing Page Template


Are you the type of marketer that runs a lot of Car Insurance offers?

Then this LP might be for you! :)

Give it a download and starting tweaking it to fit your angle!

BBW Landing Page Template

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 4.24.32 PM

For my first landing page template I decided to pick a user’s submission for Dating offer.

Inside download the page and see all my details regarding how to use it effective.

Enjoy! :)

Dating Landing Page Template (PSD Version)


Always wanted a nice PSD Dating Landing Page Template?

Well, here is a HIGH CTR one! I use it as my go-to dating LP stater template. Very battled tested.

Hit “Read More” and download it.

POF Dating Landing Page Template Ver. 2


I wanted to share a 2nd version of my popular POF Dating Landing Page Template.

This edit was a user request.

This version of the LPs has 1 main image spot for a girl, opposed to a few.

Email Submit Landing Page


Here is a great landing page template.

This template is perfect for email submits or your own email squeezes.

Download it inside.