45 Ad Image / Banner Split Test Ideas


Since the last infographics on PPC Ads split testing got such a positive response, I wanted to share the inforgraphic I use for Ad Images / Banners.

This is a great chart to reference to spark your creativity. :)

Diet Website PPV URL List


Yesterday, I shared my Gossip Blogs & Female Fitness Magazines PPV URLs, today I will be sharing my Diet Websites.

I like testing these for … Diet Offer. :)

I test them all every time.

Gossip Blogs & Female Fitness Magazines PPV URL List


I really love targeting gossip websites via PPV.

I’ve had quite a few successful campaigns using Beauty offers.

I decided I would be generous today and I would share my list of PPV URLs I test. :)

PPV Pop-Up Sizes Exposed (Updated)


Are your PPV pop-ups really 800×600? Nope!

Wonder what these pop-ups sizes really look like?

This post will answer all your questions. A must read for any PPV marketer!

How to use 2 Page Landing Pages with PPV


Sometimes in PPV, it is best to pitch an offer over 2 landing pages.

This common for CPS offers, and any offer that can’t be explained quickly.

In this guide I will teach you the fundamentals of 2 Page PPV Landing Pages.

How I Made $30,000+ with PPV!


PPV is a cash machine.

PPV companies love affiliates! So we don’t have to worry about ads being denied or getting our accounts banned!

In this guide I’m going to share exactly how I’ve made well over $30,000 from PPV marketing…

Finding Keywords for TrafficVance


Now I don’t recommend starting off with keywords in TrafficVance, but once you have a successful campaign they worth adding to scale the traffic volume up.

In this guide I’m going to show you my two favorite methods to find keywords for TrafficVance.

Passing Keywords/URLs via PPV


In this brief guide I’m going to share with you how to pass your keyword/URL onto your landing page from your PPV Network.

This can be used to call out the user better on your landing page or in PPV Sub-ID conversion tracking.

How to Find URLs & Keywords for PPV…

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.31.04 PM

In this guide I’m going to share my 4 Steps for finding URLs for PPV campaigns.

URLs are the start of any good PPV campaign.

I always start with URLs over keywords in TrafficVance, because they are more targeted. In LeadImpact, I use both to start.

Boost PPV CTRs with jQuery!


Wiki defines jQuery as a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.

What does this mean to you?

This means you can add some very eye catching effects to your landing pages very quickly.