7 Trend Spotting Tools


Want to learn how to spot trends online as they happen?

Taking advantage of trends is an amazing way to cash in on content locking and email submits.

Check out my favorite tools.

Chrome for Affiliates & CPA Marketers


Google Chrome has a huge selection of amazing extensions to turn your browser into a full fledge Internet Marketing machine.

About 1 year ago I shared my current Chrome setup. A lot has changed since them and I thought I would share my new config! :)

Spotting New Offers on CPA Networks


In this post I’m going to share an useful little trick for staying on top of new offers.

Something commonly over looked by beginners and advance marketers.

I never wait for my AM to suggest a new offer. 😉

Spying on WordPress Blogs


Even wondered what theme or plugins a WordPress blog was using?

Well, I’m going to show you how to find out!

Learn how inside this post…

Spying on 7Search Ads


Want to spy on your 7Search competition? We’ll here’s an amazing trick to do it.

The best part is, its 100% free and pretty much NO ONE out there does it. Well, I sure do.

Start spying on your competitors today. :)

Who-Is Explained


This is quick little guide for all the newbies out there not familiar with using Who-Is.

The Who-Is protocol is nice tool to have in your arsenal.

Great for online marketers and pretty much anyone who is using the internet.

Landing Page Research Trick


Today, I’m going to share a cool landing page image research trick.

This will help you track down ad images, landing pages, and even find better quality images.

Start implementing this tactic today.

Every Ad Spying Tool


Here is a nice list of Ad Spying Tools.

Most of these tools are paid, but a lot have free trails of some sort.

Time to setup your intelligence game.

Tracking Down CPA & Affiliate Offers


Ever wonder what affiliate network an offer was from?

Well, today I’m going to share a nice little trick that can help you track down an offer fast.

Also learn if your affiliate network is brokering offers.

My $1,000 CPA Spying Trick


I’m deciding to let loose a killer CPA spying tip.

I’ve literally used this trick to make $1,000+.

All it takes is an interesting page that I really want to dive into deeper.