What is CPA Marketing?


I realized a lot of people have absolutely no clue what “CPA Marketing” is!?!

So I decided to create and give access to a simple FAQ.

Post any questions you have and I will answer them…

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action, and it refers to generating lead or sales for a company and being paid cash in return!

You can get paid anywhere from $1 to $100 for a single conversion!

How Much Does it Cost?

All you need is around $10 for a server.

When it comes to generating traffic you can use Free Traffic or Paid Traffic sources.

Lots of people start with Free Traffic, and after they're having success move to Paid Traffic!

Despite what the guru's tell you, both can work equally as good.

Also here at Greed Reports I teach both! :)

How Do You Get Started?

That is easy read my newbie guide…

How I Made $50/Day as a Newbie!

Any other questions just post them!

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  1. Joseph says:

    Hello greedy. Newbie here…

    Just a question about CPA. Can I start a campaign if I don’t have a credit card???? Please tell me…. I’ve been following you a lot of times at warrior forum. Do I need a website to start? Any help please…..

    • Greedy says:

      Yes, you can! :) Lots of Ad Networks take Pay Pal payments from you, and CPA Network make Pay Pal payments to you.

  2. crown says:

    I have no clue about it too and am a totally broke head…. Struggling for everything. I can’t even afford to join your class. Joining soon though.

    Thanks for the information anyways…..reading the guide soon. 😉

  3. Anna says:

    l’ve read alot about CPA but has not started any. Is it true that its hard for a newbie to do CPA as almost all CPA networks are very selective and only keen for experience marketer?

    Can u show us how to be selected if we’re newbie. Thanks in advance!

  4. stephen hong says:

    Hey Greed!

    Could you please share your opinion on using FIVERR guy’s traffic to your CPA offers along with PPC traffic like Bing ads? Do you think your CPA AM would minds it? Or they would be able to find out?

    Thanks in advance,

    Maximum respect.

  5. Dotti says:

    What CPA network & offers would you recommend to start a total newbie with?

  6. sammy mann says:

    Hello greedy, i dont have any website , i am not good in any softwares or making websites , i had facebook account with so many followers and worked with them and made good money just by sharing links but now i have nothing , can i still start earning ?

  7. Louqman says:

    Hi Greedy – if i become a paid member – will this really help me make money with cpa marketing?what excatly do i get as a paid member?

  8. The GOAT says:

    This is interesting. Thanks for sharing this post. I am definitely new to this. I just wrote an ebook and am in the process of finishing a 1 page website to sell my ebook. I want to market the site via several PPC campaigns. But I’m guessing this post has nothing to do with PPC Marketing for my own website.

  9. Very nice write-up. I absolutely love this website. Stick
    with it!

  10. Mominue says:

    Hi Greedy, i like you website. but as i see all the stuff are kinda old. so is it means the content are still applicable?

  11. Widyawan says:

    Hi Greedy,
    I have registered to MaxBounty,the result is rejected. Now I still waiting for approving from peerfly and neverblue.
    I have registered and approve at CPAlead and CPAgrid. at the 2 CPA there is not submite email program.
    if the worst case I was rejected by neverblue and peerfly.Can you help guide me to make earning from CPAgri and CPAlead?
    Thank You

    • Greedy says:

      Keep being persistent, my Newbie Guide on the homepage is best starting place if you are looking to learn.

  12. drouche says:

    Hi Greedy,
    I am pretty new to CPA marketing, but this sounds like a great way to make money.
    your site is very helpful , Have been read about CPA from long time
    and want to access to your full website and take action but in this moment
    as a newbie I have’nt any money to my paypal for subscribe in your site
    Thank you for all the info and resources,

  13. Mustapha says:

    Thank a lot for this wonderful post. I am somehow new in this industry, what assurance are you giving newbie like me if i become paymember and what did i stand to gain. Because a lot of people claiming to guru but in real sense of it they are not. Ask for me i don’t have website, landing page, pre-frame page, even very low money to start with. Any hope for me to kick start the business.

  14. Ronke says:

    I just opened a website with GreenGeeks, have been registered by MaxBounty. How do I join my website, affiliatelink and post for direct linking, need help, thanks

  15. salah says:

    hi me ican promote cpa offers in Google Adwords ?

    and do cpaway.com paying ? i Get my approval and some ons say is scamers Pls Help

    so i can start Wh >adworkmedia <

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have registered with CPAGrip and was approved. Are they legit? Are they paying affiliate earning? Which offer is the best to promote with cpagrip. If you advice me to work form them.

  17. jad says:

    Hello, regarding server do you mean sending server? and how do we warm up for hitting inbox if we use email marketing !

    • Greedy says:

      I use a company like Aweber for my email marketing/blasts?

      Does that answer your question? Sorry a bit confused with your wording.

  18. kapil says:

    Hello Greedy , I would like to tell you My MaxBounty Account approved but i have no idea how to do this , how to make money from Maxbounty i am new in CPA affiliate . Can you please teach me step by step how to do this .

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