Why Don’t Email Submits Convert?


This is a question I see asked a lot by newbies.

A beginner has their friend put their info into an email submit, and isn't credited a conversion!

Let me explain.

First, just so we are all on the same page, an Email Submit is an offer that credits you a conversion simply after the user enters their email.

Also lets be clear, having your friend fill out your CPA offers is not allowed by any CPA Networks. So if you have been doing that, stop it, it isn't worth the risk of getting banned.

But I will explain to you why, when your friend filled out your Email Submit it didn't convert.

Or why when you sent a bunch of quality clicks, you didn't get even 1 conversion. :(

There are several reasons why your email submit may not have counted a conversion. Here is a list of the most common reasons:

– The email address has already opted out of the advertiser's list. (It may not have been for this specific offer, but maybe from another one of the advertiser's offers.)

– The email address is already on the advertiser's list. (It may not have been for this specific offer, but maybe from another one of the advertiser's offers.)

– If you put in the your own info, they may have blocked your IP, since you are a publisher.

– The address the user put in after he signed up looked fake.

– The users you sent just filled out the first page, and looked fake.

– The email may not be in the allowed geographical region of the offer.

– If you used a VPN or Proxy they may have already blocked this IP.

With all that being said, advertisers of Email Submit do monitor and scrub their leads much harsher than any other offer in the affiliate industry. Mainly because there is so many scam-y publishers out there that target email submits. (Since you only need an email submission to get paid.) This is part of the reason why I suggest staying away from Email Submits, especially if you are just starting out.

I rarely use email submits personally. They can work, and I have had success with them on PPV and 7Search, but over all I would save them as a last resort traffic monetization strategy.

The worst converting email submits tend to be free giveaways. Biz-Opp and other submits tend to work a bit better.

Hope that clears up somethings. :)

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  1. Bozhidar Iliev says:

    This is great info for newbies! I do the mistake to start with mail submit offer and…… ;(

  2. Greatest Lim says:

    for the gift card and free sample offer, do we need to have a landing page before get them to actual page?

    I am doing direct linking to ppv, for offer like amazon, starbucks, target back to the particular website, and the result is really negative…. :-(

    • Greedy says:

      A landing page can help, but like I said, I don’t recommend using free sample / gift card email submits. I would pick another offer.

  3. Viet Bui says:

    Hello Greed, If you don’t mind me asking is their a reason why you rarely use email submits as an offer for cpa?

  4. Greatest Lim says:

    thank you for your advice, I will ditch all my free sample and gift card promos and go for higher end commission offer.

  5. Shloka Raaj says:

    My AM suggested that email submit offers convert well on 7search. Which offers should I try on 7search?

  6. Inocencio Sartaguda says:

    Almost all dating offers are email submits. Would you stay away from them too? I’ve been lucky these past two weeks POF, but it seems the well has dried up.


    • Greedy says:

      No dating is different, because usually it more than just an email need to convert.

      But you do need to test new be constantly need to be testing new offers.

  7. Willie Dillard says:

    Thanks for this great insight. Unfortunately the first really convincing guru I ran across Initials AM pitched CPA real hard and using Direct CPV to do so. And his big reveal was gift cards with pop overs I have since learned that he has been banned by Click bank and is pretty much a con man. I’d like to have that $100.00 I spent at Direct CPV back. Cant remember how much I paid AM although .01 would have been too much for his advise. I doubt ill ever use Direct CPV again after that experience unless I see a positive review of their service. I think it was a combination of bad traffic and bad advise. Thank you for posting honest useful content.

    • Greedy says:

      Sorry to hear, that I’ve defiantly lost money buying bad advice before. I guess we just had learning experiences. Thanks for the kind words also.

  8. Ken Chong says:

    Thanks Greedy, no wonder my starbucks and coach gift card have low conversion.

  9. andit001 says:

    In your 7search guide, there’s still written that you can do email submits. Is it working for 7search or is it better to do something else there, too?

    • Greedy says:

      It does work, but if you can find something else it maybe easier, since email submits are not constant.

  10. Sandy Junior says:

    Hi Greed.. Does survey offers that also require one field email submit is included to this category (scrubbed hard)?

  11. Laszlo Kovacs says:

    Hi Greed!!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!Tell me Your humble opinion. I have problem with Zip submit offers I show You the link. I use PPV, the visitor who enters the Zip code of the Area of His/Her living gets an insurance code.

    The common sense says that” all right the Visitor just has to enter the Zip code, and I get the conversion”

    Still what happened? I was running this zip code offer on urls as Autotrde.com,Toyota.com etc and I got 2 CONVERSION ONLY OUT OF 800 POP-UPS!! I used direct linking!!

    Here is the offer:


    What I do not understand that how it is posibble that ONLY 2 conversion I get if the Visitors have to enter Their Zip code ONLY????!!!

    Please help me!!

    I will need Your 1 ON 1 coaching but first I send and inquitre letter.

    Thanks, I am waiting for Your response!


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